Fun Date Ideas

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  • NyotaUh ( 51, Bi woman / Kingston, NY )

    First date would be nice to go to some type of cafe/bar, food and drink, not necessarily alcohol, but the option is open to either, or coffee, or any other drink, some food, chatting, and good music is always nice, love...  read more >>

  • beautynsexybeast ( 26, Bi-curious couple / Jefferson City, MO )

    Get comfortable with each other while getting some drinks, coffee, or food. The perfect opportunity to get to know each other!

  • LtWolf007bbw ( 52, Bi man / Macksburg, OH )

    To meet at a local restaurant to communicate and get to know each other.

  • Cecilia65 ( 52, Bi-curious couple / Lawndale, NC )

    A very nice dinner with a great fun lite atmosphere for easy conversation and hopefully a nice walk afterwards.

  • FALLEN57 ( 58, Bi woman / Union City, TN )

    I would love to have dinner and just hang out at home and do a movie so we can get to know one another more personally. I am very discreet and do not want any drama.

  • graeae ( 23, Bi-curious woman / Brevard, NC )

    I know that there are some restaurants and shops that do cooking lessons and I've always thought that it would make a great date! I don't like to go on dates where we switch between staring at each other and the floor, s...  read more >>

  • MissRina ( 38, Bi couple / Salinas, CA )

    go out and eat, if we click well, we can go to our place and hang out or whatever, not picky, go with the flow

  • onerealhot1 ( 55, Bi-curious man / Dallas, TX )

    well lets get together and figure out what we should do in the first date!

  • CookieTree ( 33, Bi-curious woman / Monroe, MI )

    I love ethnic food. I love food I've never tried before (not as wild as bull's penis or anything crazy) But, I would love to grab a bite to eat and do something where we could talk and get to know each other putt-putt go...  read more >>

  • nitori64 ( 23, Bi-curious man / Leiria, Leiria )

    How about we first talk a little bit than decide what to do next.

  • andres83 ( 32, Bi couple / Amsterdam, Zuid-Holland )

    Wine Chesse Fruits Weed and good music.

  • sidebisidebiside ( 57, Bi couple / Lexington, KY )

    The guys would meet initially for a cup of coffee to determine compatibility. If it seems there is a mutual connection the next step is to get together for dinner / drinks as a threesome. If all feel it's got the possibi...  read more >>

  • devonbic4u ( 32, Bi man / Dresden, Sachsen )


  • CuteAsCrazy26 ( 28, Bi woman / Buffalo, NY )

    Anywhere outdoors preferably food involved lol

  • A1waysm3 ( 31, Bi man / Westland, MI )

    I'll figure it out once I know what interest us both

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