First Date Ideas

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  • patten38 ( 65, Bi-curious man / Charlottesville, VA )

    nice lunch to get to know each other

  • Cap63inva ( 54, Bi man / Woodford, VA )

    I would enjoy our first date at a cafe or lunch at a quiet casual dining restaurant. An opportunity to share about each others expectations.

  • LabCoatRockStar ( 25, Bi woman / Temecula, CA )

    Just a general day to hangout and explore each other's compatibility then move from there.

  • Diamond2707 ( 27, Bi-curious woman / Bakersfield, CA )


  • coastaloak ( 55, Bi man / Sebastopol, CA )

    Have lunch or a drink and go for a walk to get some chemistry between us. we can discuss what we like and possibly some show and tell.

  • Excellent162 ( 62, Bi couple / Valencia, CA )

    Have dinner in a quiet at beach ?

  • ChineseCurious ( 49, Bi-curious woman / Indianapolis, IN )

    I like to meet and get to know someone. If there isn't chemistry, then no harm no foul. If there is..... well you know

  • biacesoph ( 25, Bi woman / Birmingham, England - West Midlands )

    We'll go dutch :)

  • MartianLife ( 30, Bi man / Santa Cruz, CA )

    I would love a nature trip with a special friend or a trip to a cafe.

  • tigressa13 ( 25, Bi woman / Manchester, England - Greater Manchester )

    how about we have lunch and go to the movies?

  • MagicalPlay ( 70, Bi man / Ann Arbor, MI )

    A lite late lunch, lots talks and sharing of our hearts. Chemistry being there the night is ours.

  • Make_us_smile ( 40, Bi-curious couple / Lewis Center, OH )

    The three of us meet in a private hotel room and share a small bottle of wine as we talk and get to know each other better. We flirt and touch each other subtly as we sit on the bed together, maybe with the tv on in the...  read more >>

  • Shashaa ( 37, Bi-curious woman / Yonkers, NY )

    My first date would be dinner and drinks. Possibly a movie. I love good people and great conversation.

  • cpllkinforfem ( 31, Bi couple / Jackson, MS )

    nice quiet invironment talking ect getting to know all involved

  • Purplewater25 ( 24, Bi woman / Port Arthur, TX )

    well i would say my ideal date would be very casual at first. :) and the place would be at a sandwich shop or chinese food or ordering pizza .

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