First Date Ideas

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  • RickyPe24 ( 24, Bi-curious man / Phoenix, AZ )

    Somewhere we can connect, based upon each others interest.

  • Linguistics ( 45, Bi woman / Los Angeles, CA )

    Anywhere for tea, walk and talking and...

  • 58Bitheway ( 58, Bi man / Sault Ste. Marie, ON )

    You would arrive. The house is warm so it is comfortable for us to be naked, we could have a glass of wine. We might start touching each other, caressing gently, we might kiss ( if your ok with that), we can become more...  read more >>

  • moongirl77 ( 20, Bi woman / Bryn Mawr, PA )

    we can hang out and spend the night with us , we would like to treat you to a night you'll never forget

  • slidethru2018 ( 19, Bi-curious couple / Boiling Springs, SC )

    Lets get a hotel and fuck

  • Kdoe8586 ( 32, Bi couple / Huron, CA )

    U would come over to our home where u would be given the best orgasms you have ever given

  • JonoSammy69 ( 31, Bi couple / Sydney, New South Wales )

    Our ideal date would be a nice, relaxed night out of drinks, dinner and music or whatever discussed between all of us. Eventually leading us to the bedroom ;)

  • Celenzo ( 18, Bi couple / Arvada, CO )

    All dates acceptable! IDEAS: Ice cream date, evening walks, Pokemon Go adventures, hiking is possible, brunch, laser tag, GAME NIGHT! literally anything can be made into a date.

  • strwbrryfungirl ( 46, Bi woman / Cleveland, TN )

    We would walk the green way, get to know one another and enjoy the possibility of exploring new and exciting things together.

  • prettyreckless97 ( 20, Bi woman / Kyle, TX )

    Let's hang out. Anything really. Midnight skinny dipping, pizza and horror movies.

  • Jupiter4u ( 41, Bi couple / Sulphur, LA )

    We would just hang out doing whatever it is we want to do nothing fake just normal stuff having fun and listening to music maybe sit by a fire outside and talk

  • KumKwik69 ( 59, Bi man / Marion, IA )

    dinner ..drinks

  • alembro13 ( 34, Bi couple / Thornton, CO )

    This is a "you knew what this was when you came here" kinda situation.

  • bullitt ( 64, Bi couple / Plymouth, England - Devon )

    Early evening ! chilling , talking friendly banter / followed by a supper .

  • chris709p_32 ( 42, Bi man / Arnold, MD )

    I imagine hitting it off someplace other than someone's home then heading back to someones home to get down to business would be pretty awesome.

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